Certified Birth Doula  

My Mission 

Let me empower you with the tools, knowledge and emotional support you need to have the birthing experience you desire. Every birthing mother wants to write her own story and I believe you can. What is it that you desire? Water birth? Hospital birth? VBAC? Let’s talk. I truly believe giving birth can be the most magical experience and I am so very honored to be on this journey with you.

Why even have a doula?  

Research has shown that using a doula can make a difference: 

  • decreases overall Cesarean rate by 50% 
  • decreases the length of labor by 25% 
  • decreases the use of Pitocin by 40%
  • decreases the requests for an epidural by 60.2%

*Statistics from the American Pregnancy Association

New Mama Package - $750

What is included:

  • 2 prenatal visits in your home or mine, wherever you feel most comfortable
  • Unlimited phone / text / email throughout your pregnancy
  • Assist in "greening" your home for baby
  • In-person support during labor and delivery - this includes
    • Timing contractions and guiding you to when is best time to go to birthing place
    • Non- medical pain/comfort measures
    • Helping Dad or birth partner participate in labor
    • Reiki / Energy work
    • Use of essential oils
    • Emotional support
  • Support for 1 hour postpartum
  • 1 in-person postpartum visit and unlimited text for up to 2 weeks postpartum
  • All natural healing measures including sitz baths and cooling sprays
  • Support to ensure baby is latching correctly and provide referrals as needed
 What are you waiting for?